Triple A Program

-Independent training programs to address the unique demands for baseball/softball performance -Ideal for intermediate trainees and athletes and teams 13 and older -Programs are based on the athlete’s ability, training status and equipment access -Establish competency in fundamental movement patterns -Develop strength and coordination, speed and power

Plan Includes

  • Individualized Training Programs based on your needs, training background and equipment available

  • Also includes one (1) weekly virtual coaching session

  • Introduces programming for Arm Care and Pre-Game Warmup

  • Training programs include video instruction for all drills and exercises

  • Updated progressive programs each month

  • Track your progress for improvement and workouts completed

  • Weekly check-ins via messaging for accountability

How it works

  • Complete the onboarding questionnaire
  • Your custom program will be assigned in your schedule
  • Each day follow the designated for that day.
  • Programs can be followed 2-7 days per week, depending on availability and schedule
  • Your coach will check on your progress each week
  • Weekly virtual sessions can be booked within the app based on availability



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